Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pear and Bacon Grilled Cheese

This recipe is short and sweet, but the result really packs a punch. Unfortunately, I am doomed to enjoy this lunch all by myself for the rest of my life because...and this is the first of what I'm sure will be many, many complaint...
The Beau doesn't eat cheese.
It saddens me. It dismays me. We've had "conversation" after "conversation" about it and he will not budge. It's really more of a phobia, I've discovered, stemming from an unfortunate grilled cheese incident that ended with him puking everywhere.
Should I stop talking about puking and start talking about food? Ok.
As you can see, I really went classy with the ingredients. That is most definitely generic white bread, a nameless grocery store pear, and some sort of white cheddar. Feel free to be more classy than I am. Use a nice aged cheddar and some sour dough, maybe, and while I'm pretty sure I used the dreaded oscar meyer bacon, your options are as endless as your bacon brands.
I bet this would be nice with some turkey bacon.
Anyway, fry your bacon.

Get it nice and crispy to stand out against that gooey cheese. Go ahead and drain the bacon, and then stick it on top of the cheese-bread. Cover the bacon with thin slices of pear.

I threw out half the fat of the bacon and put a half tablespoon of butter in the hot pan. Throw the sandwich in there, and this is where my fun bacon press comes into place.

Isn't he pretty? I have yet to name him. He is perfect for making various hot sandwiches, including Greek or Turkish Toast. I'll make sure to put that recipe up here. Anyway, Mr. Bacon Press is just heavy enough to sit on top of my sandwiches without me having to do any work and to get them that perfect shade of golden brown. All you pressless people out there will have to go old school and use your spatula or a plate.

Wait, is there anything more old school than a bacon press?

Anyway...flipper and you may have to add a bit more butter to the pan for side two. And Voila!

You have this incredibly beautiful salty sweet buttery gooey melty bit of heaven.

It is seriously good. So seriously good I had to photograph my last bite to remember it by.

So go eat and be merry! This guy is a great fancy picnic sandwich because it is so easy to make and really durable-wrap it in tin foil and a towel and head out with your fella or lady.

Unless you're me and will be stuck eating this Beauless and alone.

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