Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Bacony thought.

I've never been super obsessed with Bacon. I like it and all, but I'd never been so inclined to order it with breakfast and I never really would just eat a slice of bacon.
But things with bacon-y flavor, for some reason, I love. Like, artificial bacon....I don't know. I'm messed up. Or something.
Like, Bacon bits (which are predominately soy protein, depending on what brand you get) or turkey bacon, which I absolutely adore even though I'm sure it's just processed turkey bits with bacon flavor injected into it. Whatever. Inject away. It is amazing.

But I had something tonight that was so super, I had to share it.

Bacon Vodka.

You have simply no idea. My family went out to "Moscow on the Hill", a Russian restaurant near Grand Avenue in St. Paul. It's a pretty spendy place, but I'm guessing people don't go there for the food. They have over 200 different types of Vodka, and we had fun ordering different drinks (I got a "Blond Bomb", which I thought was fitting-it was electric blue and made from blueberry stoli and lime juice. My sister ordered an Anastasya, made with raspberry stoli and french chambord). I ordered a beef stroganoff, which might arguably be my favorite meal (it was alright).

At the end of the meal, it is customary to finish with a shot of vodka. My mother chose a ginger flavored Polish vodka, and the waitress asked my sister and I if we had chosen any. I said no, unless she had bacon flavored...I was completely kidding, but she quickly replied that she did! They had just gotten it in, and it was not even on the menu yet.

Let's just say the Blond Bomb had made me a little overly excited, and I didn't even give myself time to be scared before ordering a shot.

The shot came with a pickle sitting on top of the glass. The waitress instructed us that the shot goes first, pickle Kirby and I bravely bottomed-up and...

It was SO super!

The vodka itself had no bite to it, didn't make me shiver or cringe. It was so smooth, and the taste was really delightfully...bacony. The pickle really did the job, though, and I will most DEFINITELY be ordering a bottle of Bakon Vodka online for Christmas.

I found this recipe through google.
I am, however, too nervous to try making it myself. Something about meat sitting out for two weeks (in 100 proof, I understand there is no worry of spoiling, but still, it's the principle of the thing)...maybe, just maybe one day, I will try and we will see if the result is as wonderful at the shot from Moscow on the Hill.

Also, on a side note, we saw many prostitutes and their pimps at Moscow on the Hill...Did we uncover a mail order bride situation? Interesting.

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